Deliver first-class personal training services.
face to face
and online
Expand your training business from your phone.
No more spreadsheets

Track clients key metrics e.g. weight.

Send digital workouts

No more sending PDFs via e-mail.

Track progress

Get alerts when your client completes a workout.

Join the bodireel platform
  • Results
    Track your client's progress towards a goal and analyse their metrics data to provide a highly tailored service.
  • Push
    Get instant alerts when yout clients complete a workout or achieve a goal.
  • iOS &
    Android App
    Manage your account from mobile platfomrs wher you're onthe move or at the gym.
  • Session
    View data from each training session. How many sets, reps, weight etc, view GPS data, Heart Rate, Calories used etc.
  • Unlimited
    Create unlimited workouts to send to as many clients as you like. Store templates so you don't have to start fresh each time.
  • Digital
    No more paper. Receive yout client's PAR-Q form digitally and receive alerts when it is updated with new information.
  • Diary
    Manage your work diary. Send invites to clients to book them in for sessions.
  • Custom
    If we don't have the exercises you're looking for upload your own exercise videos and images.
  • Message
    Track your client's progress towards a goal and analyse their metrics data to provide a highly tailored service.
Here's why over 7,000 fitness professionals use bodireel.

Online Coach

Michelle Brewster

"Bodireel is the perfect platform for fitness professionals to program and support clients anywhere in the world. The 3D animation videos make it easy for clients to understand the exercises I give them. I can monitor activity and track their results. I can instantly communicate with clients via the platform to create a strong rapport, provide accountability, give support and help them achieve results."

Personal Trainer

Dave Cahill

"Bodireel is fantastic - no more PDFs to send programs to clients or Excel spreadsheets to record results. I just send them the workouts I want my clients to complete when I'm not with them, then I get an alert when they've done them. I can track my client's progress, view exactly what training they've done, analyse the results and assess what's most effective. I can support them anytime, even when I'm not with them. Bodireel is a great support tool for any trainer - either in-person or online."

Personal Trainer

Timothy Simeon

"Bodireel has helped me grow my online training business from scratch. It connects me with my clients so that I can be at the end of the phone to provide support and advice anytime they need me, without it being a hassle for me. Creating and sending workouts is easy, to which I can add comments to provide direct advice and feedback as soon as they have finished a training session so I can add real value to my online programming and provide a high-quality service."

How it works
Send your clients to join your network. They will receive an email to download the app and create an account.
Connect with your clients on the network.
Create unique workouts for your clients.
Send workouts directly to your clients so they can add it to their diary.
Get instant alerts when your clients complete a workout or achieve a goal. Comment and give encouraging feedback.
View data from all training sessions for each of your clients. Sets, Reps, Weight etc.
Track your client's progress towards a goal and analyze their metrics to provide a highly tailored service.


Monthlyno contract.cancel anytime.30 days free trial.
Unlimited Clients.
Unlimited training plans.
Send personalized workouts.
Create curstom exercises.
Network alerts (workout completion).
Manage work diary.
Session completion alerts.
Client results tracking.
Client session data.
Receive digital PAR-Q.

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